If only...

If I could capture this moment and paint it upon your heart perhaps you might catch a glimpse of the beauty, the love, the strength, the solace of this momentary bliss that has graced us.

If only I could gift your lips a taste of the essence, the quintessence of this moment of Yes! of being fully expressed. The air thick with love binding every molecule to every other molecule in union, connected in bliss.

If only I could crack open my chest and allow you to touch my heart, perhaps you might feel your own beauty, see your full potential and give way to the soul within you that yearns to be free.

I am so full I could spontaneously combust from all the beauty I have beheld, savored and soaked in.

We are so much more than we allow. We are miracles, each and every one of us, gifts of creation, masterpieces of art, living, breathing, dying, catalyzing this moment of now into ever evolving expressions, creative unfolding, of you into I and I into you.

If I could capture this moment, perhaps you could believe that dreams do come true, that love is all that is, all that matters, and harmony amidst many different chords can come together to create a symphony of life in balance.

We.are.living.it…that thing some say impossible…being fully expressed, living life as art, lifting each other up in the sweetest love, holding each other in the fire of our heart’s desires, kissing the raw, tender, vulnerable places within us and offering forgiveness for it all.

If only I could put words to this experience that would capture its fullness perhaps you could see that there is no broken heart lest the heart broken open to feel more, touch more, to drink from the deep well of this human experience and carry the torch for future generations to know a life of beauty.

Can you feel it upon your skin? …the soft caress of grace. Can you taste it upon your lips? …the flavor of freedom fully expressed. Can you see the horizon dawning a new day? …the breath of hope cradling the wind. Can you smell the fresh rain upon your face? …the promise of spring within your soul. Can you touch the essence of this moment? Dare you open to this love, the unconditional, the unpredictable, the infinite within and without?

Yes! Please! …and thank you.