The Ways of Woman…

This journey is not one that can be taught. This journey is one you must discover on your own.

Our blood is a deep and profound part of our medicine as women. We are the keepers of the gates that bridge the worlds. Through our wombs life is born and through our care, life gives way to death. In this way we are incomprehensibly connected to the mysteries of our world.

Much has been lost over the ages. Yet, it is all still there, within our blood, within our wombs, within the Earth. To learn, we must first learn to listen, to be still, to feel. We must learn to notice the subtleties in the songs of the animals, the direction of the winds, the knowledge within our bodies.

A circle of women initiated a passage for themselves and their Burning Man community. In 2009, we realized the initial vision of a Moon Lodge where the women gathered to connect with the power of their wombs and the depth of the blood mysteries. Since then, communities have grown where women gather regularly and this dream and vision live on.

That year, two of the women brought a message to their sisters, the same message with two different messengers. It was spoken that “When the women return their blood to the earth, the men will no longer shed their blood in war.” The depth of this medicine is more than just magickal words or hopeful dreaming, for what it will take for women to return their blood to the earth is no small task. It requires hitting pause amongst the busy of our world, perhaps disappointing those who have expectations of us, and stopping long enough to reconnect with ourselves and to the earth.

You see, as much as any man, we women have lost our way. The power of the feminine is not found in the way of men. The power of the feminine is found in the Earth, She who holds the balance of life and death. When we sit with the earth, we return to the ways of woman. When we slow down long enough to allow the earth to teach us, we gain and reclaim lost wisdom, medicine that is needed for the healing of our people.

Once we have rooted in the ways of woman and the wisdom that lives within us, we have a foundation upon which to reclaim our voices. It is through the voice of the feminine that war will end. It is through our role as peacekeepers that this world will change.

The cycle of life and death lives within us as women. With every phase of the moon, the ability to birth new life grows, dies and is reborn again. Reconnecting to the blood mysteries, returns us to the understanding that life and death are not separate. They are different phases of the same cycle, one that holds the mysteries of creation within it. As we reconnect to this medicine, we will restore honor to death. And if we respect death, we will not be so quick to take life through war.

A simple ceremony

Upon receiving your moon blood, go out in nature, whether it be the forest, a river, the desert, a waterfall. Go be with the earth and connect with the animals, the trees, the stones, the elements in whatever way inspires you most. If you’re not sure what this looks like, start with silence and observe, both what is happening inside of you, as well as around you.

Find your voice through singing or humming, find your rhythm through drumming, or find your zen center through silence and meditation. Whatever allows you to feel more deeply rooted into the earth and connected to yourself.

As the time passes, listen…listen for the voice of the Grandmothers. What have they to teach you? What piece of wisdom are you ready to reconnect to? What support do you need in your life? What support do you have to offer your sisters? What medicine do you carry that is important for the collective? How can you bring that forward in the most potent way possible to create ever more abundant, peaceful, and powerful solutions? Journal the inspirations, the whispers of the Grandmothers, the echoes of the ancestors, the gifts of your journey. Create a personal exercise that will help you to incorporate what you gained into your daily life. Perhaps this is a mantra you repeat regularly or a physical expression that allows you to step into your power each morning.

Repeat this exercise monthly with each return of the moon within your body, incorporating the gains and insights learned from the previous months. Share this ceremony with your sisters. Perhaps you can create a monthly Moon Lodge or Red Tent with the women in your community to gather in person and share your experiences, building a network of support that is at the core of a strong Sister Circle.

Sisters, may you find your way, may we find our way together. May you always know that you are never alone, and may you be fully supported in your journey.