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Amanda Rain



Amanda Rain founded Speaking the Unspeakable® to inspire the courage to meet our challenges and empower our lives through effective communication. A mix of passion, training, and real-world experience has given Amanda a unique perspective on how communication can be utilized to support our personal self-growth and evolution, while simultaneously fueling our professional success.

The study of rhetoric first captured her attention while debating the collegiate circuit from 2002-2004. She learned that communication can be both effective and powerful with the right combination of simplicity, skill, and strategy. Many times, we make things far more complicated, messy, and painful than necessary. Amanda distills what is complex and challenging into clear understanding. She helps people get to the heart of what’s important and how to effectively move forward.

Amanda began studying the art of public speaking in 1990. While in debate, she earned many speaker awards for her skill and delivery. As a policy advocate and community organizer, Amanda has spoken at colleges, conferences, special events, community meetings, city council and county board of supervisor meetings, as well as various media outlets. Her ability to captivate audiences uplifts and inspires. She shares what she has learned over the years in engaging and provocative ways.

The breadth of her experience enables Amanda to cover a wide range of topics. She engages the unspeakable within and between us with heartfelt empathy and fierce compassion. She has worked on sensitive issues such as drug policy reform, diversity and inclusion, sexual assault and trauma, consent culture within sexuality and intimacy, and tense discourse across ideological and political divides. Her analysis of our collective experience in these areas is dynamic, nuanced, and insightful.

Amanda inspires the willingness to face our challenges, while confronting them with skill. Her voice offers hope for the spirit and medicine for the soul.