Three ways to build skill in your communication 

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Wise Counsel

Communication Counseling to ignite a revolution inside of you. Unpack communication patterns, and learn tools and strategies to speak more effectively. Learn assertive communication tools, the art of no, and the gift of saying yes to the revelry of life. Learn best practices to build bridges of connection and understanding. Strengthen relationships, both personal and professional.



Confrontation is an act of self-worth. Be supported in speaking your truth within a confidential, impartial, safely held container. Transform conflict into opportunity while strengthening relationships by deepening understanding. Get to the heart of what matters and co-create a pathway forward with functional agreements for the greatest outcome possible.



Intimacy is touching self, life and others with beauty. It is allowing the outside world in. Intimacy = into - me - see. Building a culture capable of deep, meaningful connection is essential for our health and vitality. Creating new practices of co-created intimacy can at times be messy, uncomfortable, awkward, and challenging. Learn new frameworks and tools to communicate your desires and boundaries for connected intimacy.