Gender Equity

"I imagine women and men are equal."¨

Gender today is a hot-button issue. Nature. Nurture. What is conditioning, and what is natural? The lines are blurry as is the understanding of how to navigate the changing dynamics of our time.

At the heart of equity is the balance point between two ends of a spectrum. At times, one end is weighted more heavily than another, which shifts the balance point. Finding that point, and how to harness the potential of feminine and masculine power, beyond physicality, beyond perceived strengths and limitations, beyond static conceptions, is where innovation lives.

This 4-hour interactive training breaks down nuanced complexities into actionable understanding, while exploring the unspoken beliefs and assumptions that drive our motivations from the shadows.

Participants learn:

  • A new frame for understanding gender and power dynamics
  • What is all this consent talk anyway and how does it relate to business?
  • Foundational understanding of connection, trauma, and the space between
  • Insight into communication dynamics that hinder instead of help
  • Tools to communicate clearly and effectively

If your organization is looking to create more synergy between the women, men, and gender non-conforming people that power your forward momentum, this training is for you.

Schedule a confidential consultation to discuss the dynamics and needs within your organization and how Gender Equity can fuel your organization's success.

¨From Lightning Bolt