There are times when we need extra support in being heard, speaking our truth, and finding functional, pragmatic, ways to move forward with the people in our lives.

Speaking the Unspeakable will support you to transform conflict into opportunity while strengthening relationships by deepening understanding between people. Get to the heart of what matters and co-create a pathway forward with clear agreements for the greatest outcome possible.

Be supported as you:

  • Open space for truth
  • Focus on what matters
  • Connect through the heart
  • Make agreements that work
  • Express and discharge emotions
  • Strengthen communication and connection

Amanda Rain's skill in navigating the tension points between people while tracking the salient issues that are at the heart of the conflict enables greater clarity and focus while discovering the path to resolution.

Often, people wait until conflict has escalated to the point of being unbearable and intolerable. However, when we seek support early, the challenges being experienced can be diffused before they reach a boiling point and cause greater harm to the relationship. And in those moments when that does occur, having impartial support is essential.

Especially in ongoing relationships, it is easy to fall into patterns that keep us stuck. We each have a lifetime of experience we bring, and there are times when echoes from the past haunt our present. When we desire to break the pattern and rewrite the story, a neutral witness offering wise counsel can make all the difference.

Speaking the Unspeakable's Mediation Services are for people who:

  • Are challenged in their communication
  • Have a disagreement or misunderstanding
  • Feel disconnected and desire to reconnect
  • Need to speak their unspeakable truths
  • Need support making agreements
  • Need a witness

Contact us today to be supported in speaking your truth within a confidential, impartial, safely held container to be heard and find a pathway forward together.

Amanda Rain is an incredible space holder. Her grounded presence creates an atmosphere of trust and comfort. As a mediator, she provides exquisite attention to all participants. In my experience, I felt comfortable to speak my truth and felt confident that I would feel supported, yet not favored. I appreciate Amanda’s wisdom and the practical tools she provides to help others have more successful relationships. I highly recommend her!
— Holly Dusa
It has been an honor to work with a heart centered facilitator as skilled as Amanda Rain. I have been both a facilitator and person in need of facilitation for a deep healing process and from both perspectives I experience Amanda as dynamic, intuitive, strong, compassionate, and grounded deeply in the root of finding the best path forward for all individuals. It takes a masterful level of personal development and devotion to serve as a navigator, a compass, a way shower in the journey towards peace and understanding. Her work with individuals and groups is engaging, relevant, insightful, and sacred. I recommend her to anyone ready to dive into the potential of true harmony and grace available when we are willing to clear the way.
— J. Stevens