Public Speaking

The #1 fear in America is... Public Speaking.

More than death (our #2 fear), we can't stand the thought of speaking in front of others. In other words, we'd rather die than be on a stage. However, with training, tools, and practice, you can deliver powerful speeches with skill.

Speaking the Unspeakble can share how to:

  • Write Persuasive Speeches
  • Break Through Fear
  • Connect with Your Audience
  • Deliver with Power

Amanda Rain first began training in public speaking in 1990. She has a way with words and knows how to captivate an audience. Learn from her decades of experience to avoid common mistakes, overcome fear, and empower your voice to be heard.

As a policy advocate, Amanda has been interviewed by ABC, NBC, CBS, CBC, Reason TV, the Doctors, as well as appearing in the documentary, Legalize It. She has spoken in front of many city councils and boards of supervisors, on panels at conferences, given talks at festivals like Beloved and the Village Building Convergence, organized and spoken at press conferences, debated policy change, as well as facilitated countless workshops and trainings.

Additionally, Amanda can support you in navigating the nuance of sensitive issues, such as consent culture within sexuality and intimacy, sexual assault and trauma, equity and inclusion, drug policy reform, and tense discourse across ideological and political divides.

If you're ready to hone your skill, polish your delivery, and take your public speaking to the next level, contact us today!