Wise Counsel for Communication

We live in a world of relationships. Whether personal or professional, communication is the foundation of these relationships, and the ability to express oneself effectively is critical for their health and vitality.

Communication is the external reflection of our internal world. Whether we give voice to what goes unspoken or remain silent, it still influences and impacts the quality of our relationships. Time and again, effective communication would prevent unnecessary hardship and heartache, giving us the ability to de-escalate stressful situations and open the door to resolution.

Speaking the Unspeakable offers Communication Counseling that will empower you to be fully self-expressed while strengthening your relationships. Each session is specially designed to guide you torward meeting the objectives we set together.

What works best is to focus on a 1-2 targeted communication areas, usually for 2-4 sessions depending on the desired outcome of our work together. This is the minimum time for someone to learn, integrate, and experience any change in their communication patterns and style. Sessions can be scheduled weekly or with more time between to allow for integration and application of the concepts and tools. Scheduling a free intro call is the best way to determine if Speaking the Unspeakable is a good fit for you. All sessions are virtual over Zoom video conferencing.

Some areas of focus include (but not limited to):

  • Unpack communication patterns
  • Tools and strategies to speak more effectively
  • Assertive communication tools
  • The art of no
  • How to navigate tension
  • Common sources of miscommunication
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Best practices to build bridges of connection and understanding

Cultivate the power of your voice, strengthen your relationships, and transform your life or business.

The revolution is within you

I had to communicate how profound yet subtle your process is. Wow. Thank you for giving me a tool for changing a pattern in my life that has literally robbed me of a million opportunities and I’m not going to live that way anymore.
— C. Johnson
Amanda Rain’s communication counseling was instrumental in my growth during a coming-of-age time in my life. She provided tools to assist me to show up in my most authentic version of me! Having this grounded, experienced, and candid teacher on my team makes this journey all the sweeter. I highly recommend Amanda and Speaking the Unspeakable offerings to activate & refine your voice and show up in Your Full YOU during this time of transformation.
— Mallory Taylor