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Building a Culture of Consent

  • Motion Massage Studio 1829 NE Alberta St. Suite 12 Portland, OR 97211 (map)

Building a culture of consent is an essential piece to the full expression of our sensuality and sexuality, which is innate to our human experience. The transition between what has been the norm to creating new norms of consensual intimacy can be messy, awkward, uncomfortable, challenging, and at times, scary. Yet, our ability to honor and encourage boundaries while creating space for exploration and discovery holds the key to unlocking our full expression and sexual self-respect. The more we engage, the more comfortable we get. As the new norms take root in us, they will grow in our culture to create greater beauty, connection, and fulfilled desire. Indeed, consent is hot and sexy! Together we will create a held, confidential container for our tender places, courageous strength, and fallible humanity.

In this day-long immersion we will...

  • Illuminate the unspoken assumptions, beliefs, and societal concepts at play in our intimate experiences
  • Learn foundations and tools for consensual intimacy, including:
    • What is Consent?
    • Why is it Necessary?
    • Wheel of Consensual Intimacy
    • Wheel of Non-Consent
    • Connection & Trauma
    • The Art of Rejection
    • The Art of Attraction
    • Negotiating Desire
    • Asserting Boundaries
  • Learn communication tools to support consensual practices
  • Explore the systemic breakdown of our culture and how to move from power-over domination to power-amongst partnership
  • Engage in a practicum to apply what you learn

Register online! Space is limited.

$75 Investment

Use the code $10OFF or $20OFF if you have financial hardship and need extra support to participate.

Brave Space Policy

The integrity of the space co-created together is the foundation of our ability to feel supported in being open to our truth, courageous in our vulnerability, and willing to engage our edges as we build a culture of consent. The uncomfortable truth is that no one can guarantee a safe space. We can, and will, do our best to ensure an integrous container is held. This will be a Brave Space. Each person is called to show up in their greatest courage, outspoken truth, and curious uncertainties. Mistakes may happen in the course of our time together, and they will be treated as learning opportunities. Violations of consent that go beyond well-intentioned, honest mistakes will be promptly addressed.

It is important to keep in mind that each individual is a unique compilation of their life experiences. Many people carry the imprint of trauma in their biology and thus have a higher need for clear consensual practices. What feels safe and easy for one person, may be terrifying and triggering for another. Everyone must hold a high degree of awareness and presence to co-create a juicy container where we can all explore and play.

A note on comfort, discomfort, and our willingness to engage: Whenever we are faced with something that is uncertain, unknown, or difficult, it invokes discomfort. This is natural. If we are sticking to what is comfortable in life, there is no growth. We must be brave to speak the truth of our experiences, to express our fears, needs, and desires. When we engage our edges with care, curiosity, and courage, we will indeed rewrite the old broken ways into the new way of consent culture.

Rules of Engagement

No non-consensual touch.
What does that mean, you ask? No assumptions of consent. For this workshop, it needs to be explicitly spoken. We will be keeping it PG, while there will be opportunities to explore your edges and discover your truth.

Do your best.
We’re all human and make mistakes. Let’s hold space for each other to learn while caring for ourselves and our needs.

Listen and respond appropriately.
The more present you are, the more you hear people without interpretation or projection. This allows you to respond appropriately. Without active, engaged listening, miscommunication and violations of consent are much more probable.

Come with an open heart and mind.
We will be riding our edge and comfort zone at times, as this topic can be tender and simply engaging can be an edge. Everything is optional and each person is always at choice. Everyone is encouraged and invited to do what they need to care for themselves.

All are welcome

Register online! Space is limited.

Feedback from past workshops…

“Amanda is carrying a gift that is so needed in this time. The way she holds space and invites brave vulnerability in our learning and re-imagining what it means to care and connect in a healthy way is deeply nourishing.”
~ Sara Eden Moss, LMT

“I discovered my capacity to connect physically with women didn’t need to involve sexual energy – it could shift once I got to learn about another’s desires/wants/needs.”
~ Tomas

“I enjoyed the vulnerability and depth, the uncomfortable exercises that maintained the safety of the group, and the willingness of the other members to share intimate thoughts and feelings.”
~ Linnea Cat

"I really appreciated the connection and level of vulnerability with our group. I am also grateful for the new insight, language and tools around consent offered in this workshop. Thank you!"
~ Shanita King

"Thank you for creating such a safe and open space for vulnerability and communication."

“It was intense. Good intense!”

“I enjoyed the positive vibes and practice time.”

Register online! Space is limited.

$75 Investment

Use the code $10OFF or $20OFF if you have financial hardship and need extra support to participate.

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