Mediation & Dispute Resolution Services

Speaking the Unspeakable is dedicated to supporting employees, teams, and leadership in developing functional, pragmatic agreements that foster a healthy work environment, strengthen professional relationships, and mitigate the inefficiency that comes with unresolved conflict.

Conflict is costly when it goes unresolved. These costs are obvious, as well as hidden, and thus difficult to quantify.

  • Lost Time
  • Absenteeism
  • Diminished Quality of Work
  • Decreased Motivation & Morale
  • Inter- and Intra-departmental Conflict
  • Employee Turnover
  • Project Failure
  • Reputation
  • Sabotage

Don't wait until conflict has escalated to the point of being unbearable and intolerable. Get support early to diffuse the situation before it reaches a boiling point and causes greater harm to business relationships, company culture, and team dynamics.

Mediations are facilitated by Amanda Rain, whose skill in navigating the tension points while tracking the salient issues at the heart of a conflict enables greater clarity and focus while discovering the path to resolution within a confidential, impartial, safely held container.

Be supported in:

  • Opening space for truth
  • Focusing on what matters
  • Making agreements that work
  • Strengthening communication

Speaking the Unspeakable's Mediation Services are for organizations and teams who:

  • Have employees with disagreement(s) or misunderstanding(s)
  • Desire support in making workable agreements between people and teams
  • Are challenged with their internal communication
  • Need to speak difficult or unspeakable truths

Services can be employed on an as needed basis, or on a monthly retainer for ongoing support. For teams and organizations who want to have staff trained internally to mediate conflict, the Mediation Training does just that.

Follow the scheduler link below to choose a time to have a brief conversation on how we can support you and your organization in turning conflict into opportunity for growth and innovation.